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Strategic Mobile Initiative


We have found that the task of deploying an application to the various outlets has become so arduous, that companies turn to us, simply to get their product on the various devices. We have well documented, repeatable process that we follow to ensure that the least amount of time is spent in the deployment phase. Furthermore, we become the buffer between you and the company providing the store, with our relationship with the various vendors we have successfully deployed applications that had been formerly denied


Each store requires different assets and content in order to allow you to deploy your application to that store, including but not limited to, program certificates, screen shots, demonstration videos, icons, contextual descriptions, language files, ratings, and many more. If you did not prepare for this task, you could be left scrambling at the zero hour and get stuck with a task that ends up taking longer than the full scale of the project combined


Every application must have updates, once we have completed your deployment process we provide a customized document that specifies exactly what your staff must do to provide regular updates to your application. Don't have staff? Then we can provide a yearly maintenance agreement to make changes and updates to your applications as well