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Strategic Mobile Initiative


Designing for mobile devices can be extremely tricky, that is a key reason to use a design company that is familiar with the varying resolutions and behaviors of all of the devices on the market. Simply making a web page that scales to a smaller window is no longer a feasible solution to provide a mobile experience. Be safe and choose a company that can provide you with information pertaining to how they will provide designs that adhere to multiple screens

Application Layouts

Mobile applications must adhere to changes in size at a moments notice, the screen must realign itself and re-size its elements and still be completely usable as the user tilts, and moves the device. Be sure to implement a design with layouts that fit the options that best suit your users needs and preferences

Deployment Assets

From Icons, to Screen shots, to video demos, there is a multitude of assets that must be created for each device in order to ensure its ability to be deployed to the various application marketplaces. Our staff continuously records and keeps track of all design deliver-ables required from early on prototypes, to deployment screen assets and provides the most professional package on the market for successful completion of a mobile offering

User Experience

Our designers are fully trained and often attendees and speakers at Usability conferences around the world, they are provided time each week simply to study the newest means by which people interface with technology

Gesture Programming

A fair amount of designers can implement a simple application that works on a device, but very few have a strong grasp of the various gestures provided by the various devices and how to take advantage of their use. Whether it be a three finger tap, a wave of an arm, or an off screen swipe in, with each design prototype an extensive report on the way the developer should implement each gesture on each device is provided