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Strategic Mobile Initiative


Prototypes are an extremely important part of your design process, they help layout how an interface will look, and how it will act with the people using it. Too little time is generally spent on this very important phase that can determine the success of your project early on

Wire frame Prototypes

A prototype doesn't have to be very advanced, simple wire framed workflow can be used to test the layout and ease of use of your application

Usability Studies

Once a prototype has been approved, it is time to test with a wide variety of users. Yesterdays studies suggesting only a few tests can provide quantitative results for the masses have been proven to be faulty, so we suggest and conduct tests on a large platform with a broad audience using social networking to cheaply get results from multiple people with various lifestyles and target audiences

Multiple Designs

It is strongly suggested that the same audience be given tests on various prototypes to weed out the ones that are easier to use. A single test may prove that a system is easy to use, but that does not necessarily mean it is the easiest. Testing multiple prototypes help make your application a success

Acceptance Testing

Finally, a well polished implementation of the prototype is created, and the tests are once again performed to ensure that a loss of quality did not occur during the design phase. This helps refine the designs and strengthens the assurance of a successful product launch